Cooking with Kids, Spring 2016

Cooking with Kids is a  workshop for children and the adults in their lives to cook in a community setting. We taste the individual ingredients, get messy while we chop, season, and heat. We sit down to give thanks to one another and share our delicious healthy meal. We wrap up by cleaning together using the exciting industrial dishwasher.

Children gain confidence by working with new tools and peers.  Parents gain new meal ideas and learn methods for inviting their child into the kitchen.

March 26th

Tacos Variados

Press your own tortillas!


  April 23rd

   Healthy Fondue

Fruits and veggies galore.

May 21st

 Flatbread Pizza

Bread you can make at home!

Location: Taborspace, 5441 SE Belmont

Time: 11:00 -12:30 Lunch Included!

Cost: Sliding Scale $10-$25

RSVP 503.839.8059 or



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