Ultimate Upcyle – Macrame

Diane Von Furstenberg Ammand Macramé Dress Photograph

I’m often baffled by the amount of toxic glues, paints, and plastic pieces holding together what someone is claiming to be upcylced, or local. Perhaps you made it near by and included an environmentally friendly ingredient but many DIY projects include waste, toxicity, unfair trade, and shipment of parts and pieces around the world. This story could follow the path of alternative glues and dyes. This time, I’m going to draw attention to an ideal upcylce: macrame. Above image: Style

Macrame can be made out of any type of yarn or string you can dig out of the dump, free box, goodwill outlet, or craft swap party. There are also lots of opportunities to wildcraft this cordage. It doesn’t need any glue, dye, or imported pieces. It’s functional, rising above a token eco-art piece you hang on your wall to feel good about yourself.

Here are some lovely examples. 

Above image: Spell Designs

Above Image: Karen Kimmel

Above image: Koko Artemis

Here are some tutorials.


Glorious Chair


Classic Plant Hanger


The Basics

I’d love to see comments with links to your favorite macrame projects. I love that it can be entirely fashioned from forage.


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