12 Reasons to Buy Used Clothes

  1. Save Resources- Fewer of our planet’s good things to give are required for purchasing used things. We often forget just how much goes into something simple, like cotton (water, pesticides, gasoline to run harvesting machinery, energy for production, bleach, dyes).
  2. Minimize Slave Labor – Buying used skips supporting those with no other employment options. If we spend our money on other things- different jobs will be supported.
  3. Support Local Economy – your clothes budget can be used to fuel local, sustainable, jobs, which strengthens our economy.
  4. Unique Fashion – Why spend more on limited edition when you can get fabulous garments in limited quantity by looking through Salvation Army or your favorite vintage shop?
  5. They Last Longer- While shopping at used shops it is easy to tell which things will last. If it’s held up through the commotion of previously owned, donation, and resale life the normal wear and tear will show. Some are more torn up than others. It because obvious which items will age well.
  6. Honoring the Workers- Whilst considering all the labor that goes into our garments, both cheap and expensive, we may realize that the inherent value of these pieces is greater than what first meets the eye. Giving clothing a long life time honors the work that’s gone into it, and says thank you to the people who put it together.
  7. Save Money
  8. Thrill of the Hunt
  9. Inspire others to buy Used
  10. Permaculture Ethics
  11. Romance of the After Life
  12. When Clothes have a high resale value, folks take better care of their things.


If this post inspires you consider writing a short story about a world where clothes are made without exploitation and all garments are cherished and enter the Short Story Contest!



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