Topic Ideas

The following are some ideas for Stories to Change the World, to get your creative juices flowing.

Topic Ideas

A world where rest and relaxation were mainstream

A garbage collector using their special skill set and information to transform how trash is used in cities.

Combined preschool and eldercare becomes the new normal

Community kitchens become the new standard of where folks eat on their lunch break.

What if ancient wisdom lives on?

A world where GMO monocultures have become ancient mistakes folks laugh about, and would never consider doing again.

A story about inter-family struggle in a household that lives in the standard future home – complete with composting toilet, water catchment system, and rooftop vegetable patch.

Grandpa wants to feel useful to his community and discovers a powerful way to do this.

If all school food waste was large-scale composted – the compost then used to grow more food

If prisons were no longer money making institutions

A future where sexism is so obsolete that rape ceases.


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