Village Building Convergence

Each day of the Village Building Convergence, at sites all around the city, neighbors come together with visitors to create community spaces that feature public art, gathering places, permaculture gardens, and natural buildings, in a process we call “placemaking”. This year there are more than 35 projects happening each day of the convergence at sites around Portland. See description of hands-on sites for the details of what, where, and when these projects are happening. Participating in these are free for everyone!

In the evening, we come together for an inspiring conference, community gathering, and incredible music festival. There are five evenings of events at the Refuge (116 SE Yamhill Street, Portland, Oregon 97217). These evenings start with a community dinner at 6pm, workshops at 7pm and music at 9pm. The tickets for these evenings are an incredible value and help support our placemaking community service work.

On, Saturday June 11th Young Abundance is offering childcare so folks can get out to the evening event and celebrate without a heavy financial burden.

The childcare will be held at Escuela Viva, 1111 SE Pine St, Portland, OR 97214, just 0.8 miles from the Refuge.
Care will be available for children ages 3 – 11 from 5:30 pm-9:00 pm and will include a variety of exciting activities and snacks. The suggested donation for this service is $20.
For RSVP and questions contact Alexis at

June 11th Evening Programming includes: Defunk * Peia * Manoj * Numatik * Ryse * Xiuhtezcatl Tonatiuh * Reclaiming Public Space * Speaking the Unspeakable at VBC PDX
Event Details:


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