Year-Round Harvest classes through Handmade Gardens

Serious about affordable, vibrant, home-grown food?

This 9-month course has been crafted to help you eat from your garden year-round.  We’ll teach you what, when and how to plant, plus how to care for your garden while keeping the time manageable, and get the freshest food you’ll ever eat onto your family’s plates (and even into your kids’ mouths).  An expert visit to your garden site will help you design for success, and support between classes will help you stay on track.  You’ll even receive plants and seeds, at the right time to plant them.

$445.00 Register Now

Feb 20           Orientation, Soils, Bed Preparation and Mapping, Sat. 1-4

Feb 25           Planning for the Year-round Harvest, Thur. 6-8:30  

March 5        Waking up the Garden, Sat 1-3:30 NOTE DATE CHANGE

April 9           Composting and Better Garden Management, Sat 1-3:30

May  7        Honing your Skills and How to Harvest, Sat 1-3:30

June 9           Water Wise Gardening/Planning for the Winter Harvest, Thurs 6:00-8:30

July 7            Hot Weather Planting for Winter Eating, Thurs 6:00-8:30

Aug 4            Food Preservation/Solar cooking, Thurs 6:00-8:30

Sept 8       Growing Seeds for your Garden and Community, Thurs 6:00-8:30

Oct 8             Winterizing your Garden and Tool Maintenance, Saturday 3-5

Please note: Feb. 25 class meets Thursday evening, indoors.S


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